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THE ROMAN TEAM has been designing & selling beautiful homes for over ten years now. Their design philosophy is founded on tying together their creative skill with the unique style of you, the client.

We believe that a living space is an integral part of life. Our home is where we spend so much of our time and that has such a powerful effect on the wellbeing of us all. We also believe that each individual has their own distinctive style and personal preference and they reflect who we really are. Our role is to bring out that uniqueness in the final design of your home interior which will genuinely reflect your personality. If you are the type of person who wishes to have a truly personalized home then we are the company to call. Our talent and experience is at your service to turn your dreams into reality. We will meet your design needs from creating a suitable space plan, choosing the right colours, fabrics, furniture, accessories and everything that will bring the beauty of your individual style to life.


"Our living space is a reflection of who we are, so let's make it beautiful!"

Roman Gorecki & his wife Angela Tucciarone have lived and sold homes in Mississauga for over 23 years exclusively with REMAX. This experience led them to realization about the importance of staging & decorating so they decided to expand their services primarily by working with a third member, an interior designer Lena Novak.


Lena Novak

Lena was born with a pencil in her hand, showing her passion for design from a very early age. She pursued her design career graduating from Design College in Slovakia with a Diploma in Visual Merchandizing. Her skill in decorating was developed further through her work in a retail store which offered various 'European Decor' items and furniture. Lena advanced her education by graduating from the "International Academy of Design & Technology Toronto" with a Diploma in Interior Design in 2002. She worked side by side with "The Roman Team" with Remax Realty Specialists in Mississauga by applying her talent and design skills to create tailored living spaces for numerous clients.

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