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Home Staging
The Roman Team will visit your home and extensively inspect the interior and exterior of the property. After inspection we will provide you with a comprehensive report and checklist of tasks to be completed to prepare Staging.

After an Action Plan is prepared, we will return to rearrange (or add to if necessary) furnishings and accessories. We will spotlight your home’s best features to motivate and impress potential buyers.

For homeowners who don't have time or energy to complete all the tasks needed to stage their homes we could complete all or part of the actual work. Let us select and place furnishings, artwork, plants, linens, rugs and lighting. We can organize, de-clutter, move and store unnecessary furnishings in the garage or temporary rental storage space. Third party referrals for cleaning, painting, carpentry and small repair jobs can be provided.

We can help you to increase the value of your property and present it to your target market with confidence.




Home Design


The first meeting is very important, because it give us chance to get to know each other. Our job is to learn about you, why do you feel you need our help, what is your style, what colors do you love, what are your needs and your budget. This is also a time when you can ask questions about our company and our services.

Space Planning
One of the most important components of a good design is space planning. Often, homeowners feel that their home might be too small, perhaps too spacious, or the basic layout is lacking in some way, yet they love their home’s location. For such homeowners, the solution might be proper space planning.

Space planning could involve downsizing by eliminating unnecessary furniture, or/and adding built in units. For example, the removal of objects that do not serve a practical or aesthetical purpose is an absolutely crucial step in space planning.
Whether you desire a larger, a smaller, or just a cozier living space, proper space planning might be all you need to create the environment you desire.

Lighting Plan
Interior design cannot be completed without suitable lighting, therefore we include a lighting plan in conjunction with our space planning service. We understand, that each area of your home serves a specific function, therefore the importance of proper lighting in aid of those functions cannot be underestimated. A properly prepared lighting plan not only provides aesthetic and functional results, but also shows a solid blue print for an electrician for a job well done.

Color Selection
To be more precise, color selection is actually color coordination, based on our client’s favorite colors. Before we begin creating the design of a home we take note of everything that our client likes and dislikes. Color selection is usually the first we discuss. Coordination and selection of colors have a huge impact on our mood as they can be soothing, neutral, energizing or even disturbing. This is not an easy task for everybody, however, we can put your mind at ease by helping you create a pleasing environment for you, your family and your friends.

Furniture Selection
Shopping for furniture can be a fun, but also a headache. Not to mention it is definitely time consuming. Our job is to make this task an easier one. First we help you to choose the style that suites you and your budget. The size is the next important decision that we have to consider. The fact is, that we are experienced shoppers; we know how to work efficiently and with the best results to your satisfaction.

Fabric Selection
Fabrics make the design come to life and could make us feel warm and cozy. The color and texture of fabrics play a great role in tying certain design elements together in any living space. To create a pleasing atmosphere by using appropriate materials in your home is our expertise. And remember: we always follow your taste, your needs and your budget.             

Accessories Selection
In many cases accessories can completely change the style of a room. If you are tired of the old look, you don’t have to completely change your furniture. New accessories and art work could make an old room look new and fresh. We can help you create the look and feel you desire by consultation only, or we can do the work for you and save you time. You decide.

Taking Inventory
Inventory is one of the most difficult tasks you have to deal with from the moment you decide to redecorate. "What to keep and what not to keep?". Let us make it easier for you. We understand that some of the items in your home have a sentimental value, so we are keeping your choices in mind and frequently we create a design inspired by these valuable objects and collectibles. 
Sometimes however, some old items have to be removed in order to create a new and fresh living space. On the end, we are confident, that you will be pleased with your new home.

Design & Build or Remodelling
In the case of  building a new home or remodelling, important design decisions and calculations need to be made. Shopping for contractors, materials, trying to negotiate for the best prices is only fun when you have nothing else to do. This is the time when hiring professional help could come handy. Our company is at your service. We can take care of everything from start to finish, however if you only need help with some portion of the project that’s fine as well. By working together we can create the dream home that you’ve always wanted in a reasonable amount of time, within your budget.

3D Modeling 

When it comes to budgeting it is where this service comes into prominence. A budget cannot be delivered without a design to back it up, where you can appreciate every detail of the project, ensuring the delivery time and prevent misunderstandings between the customer and the company. The 3D model is a service that we include when designing new spaces. It will enable the customer to see the final product before starting the project. 


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